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CNMV Proposes to Stop Veto CFD in Football

BySam Brad

Feb 21, 2021

The CNMV proposes to veto the advertising of CFDs in football. The supervisor thus makes an appropriate decision with the aim of stopping brokers who use the broadcasts of football matches with the intention of trading their contracts (CFD). The latter are very complex and high-risk financial vehicles.

It is clear, therefore, that using a massive channel such as a football match, aimed at an audience in many cases lacking adequate financial knowledge, is not an acceptable practice.

Especially when it comes to products more related to bets than to investment and that according to the CNMV itself generate an average loss for an investor of more than 3,300 euros.

The CNMV proposes to prohibit the advertising of CFD brokers in football clubs Trading with CFDs, an alternative to traditional trading.

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