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MDR Server Suspected Of Diverting For Fighting Resources

BySam Brad

Nov 18, 2021

A server from the MDR Ministry of Regional Development was removed from office on Thursday 18 and banned by the Court from accessing the folder building on the Esplanade of Ministries in Brasília He is accused of being involved in a complex scheme of diversion of resources destined to combat the drought in Paraíba The removal was determined by the 14th Federal Court.

The agency informed that it collected data on the works in dams and dams and found that there were irregularities such as evidence of bidding fraud contract routing hiring of companies without operational capacity execution of poor quality works existence of overpricing and overpricing.

The steps derive from facts found in the Transparency 2009 Ciranda 2009 Dublê 2012 and Inhumanity 2015 operations According to the Federal Public Ministry a group of businessmen acted together to defraud contracts for the construction of dams in the northeastern state.

The diversions stopped works that could bring drinking water to the population suffering from the drought The Federal Police investigates the practice of crimes involving the embezzlement of public resources bid fraud money laundering and active and passive corruption Entrepreneurs created shell companies and themselves acted as supervisors of the works.

The frauds may have occurred in the works of 12 dams which received an investment of R 79 million from the public coffers This Fridays operation involves 130 federal police officers and members of the MPF and CGU

The R7 had access to the investigation of Operation Blender sixth phase of Operation Relapse The damage to the public coffers can reach R 215 million R 133 million of which due to overpricing and R 82 million due to overpricing according to the CGU General Comptroller of the Union.

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