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Four States Compete for OAB-DF Election On Sunday

BySam Brad

Nov 21, 2021

The elections for the OAB-DF (Brazilian Bar Association Federal District Section) take place this Sunday (21) from 10 am to 6 pm. The capital’s law firm will choose the slate that will occupy the positions of the OAB-DF from January 2022 to December 2024 The competitors spent the last few days trying to capture the undecided and turn votes.

In addition to the campaign proposals, the winners will have a series of challenges to face identified during the election. Observers of the OAB electoral process who spoke with the R7 pointed out that it will be necessary to debate a series of controversies and regulate them until the next race for the presidency in 2024. Among the themes are greater transparency of the digital system used, the use of social networks and Whatsapp in the campaign, control to avoid abuse of economic power in the dispute, and greater rigor in investigating complaints against ticket members who declare themselves black during the electoral process to fulfill the ethnic-racial quotas.

Isaac Simas, a lawyer and political analyst emphasizes that the four issues had negative repercussions for the candidates. For him, questions about the transparency of the digital system had a lower repercussion. “The question of the suitability of the electronic ballot box did not have such repercussions. It was a mirror of what was happening in the country. There will always be people to speak ill of it. The OAB sent a letter assuring that the procedure is safe and has verification of two factors. It would be very difficult to circumvent the process”, he said.

The analyst pointed out that the candidates’ strategy, in the last hours of the campaign, was to announce the good performance to convince the undecided and the “indifferent”. “In the end, the final design is the traditional one, and it should be between the two strongest candidates. From now until Sunday, it is difficult for anything to happen to change this scenario. But, everyone wants to show that they have more votes It is an acceptable tactic and a way to pull the vote from the undecided and those who are indifferent to the process.

The two groups that have remained at the head of the institution in recent terms are represented, in the current dispute, by the candidates licensed president, and main representative of Avança Mais OAB, identified by the color orange, and Thais Riedel from in the Order, by the color green.

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