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Madrid Beat Eibar And Maintains Its Candidacy For La Liga

BySam Brad

Apr 4, 2021

Already immersed in the last ten league games, at the gates of the quarterfinals of the Champions League with the classic against Barça in the middle, Madrid found a comforting match against Eibar , with a lot of dominance, a good dose of occasions (including three goals well disallowed for offside) and a victory that, although he did not sentence until the final stretch, leaves him three points behind while waiting for Atlético to visit Sevilla this Sunday and with the morale reinforced before to host Liverpool .

Despite the loss due to a muscle injury to Sergio Ramos, unwell after adding two new caps with the Spanish team, Zidane let Kroos rest, who had to return from the Germany concentration due to discomfort, and Varane with his eyes set on the tie Champions against Liverpool that has the first leg on Tuesday.

Initial insanity
The unalterable disposition of Eibar, with an aggressive pressure halfway between heroism and unconsciousness, generated a fast-paced match from the start: before three minutes, an armored chance and a goal gift to Benzema (a merit of the Frenchman) that Dmitrovic aborted with a stop as unexpected as it was meritorious.

It was just the beginning. With Modric as conductor, Zidane’s team dominated with solvency, always with spaces, with a lot of mobility and a speed in the passing that gave him constant advantages.

With Marcelo in the left winger position, without defensive responsibilities, the Brazilian generated more danger than problems and his was the center that Benzema finished off on goal. Lucas Vázquez also enjoyed constant superiorities on the right, with the entire wing at his disposal thanks to the fact that Asensio (who crashed a free-kick off the crossbar) constantly added another element of white attack through the central zone.

After half an hour of play, Madrid’s production rhythm fell, Eibar settled in the rival field and thus came, on the counterattack, the second goal disallowed for offside by Zidane’s team. It was the preamble to Madrid’s first goal, after many merits, thanks to a loss of the ball at the exit of Eibar as Asensio did not forgive in hand-to-hand to leave the dominance that Zidane’s team enjoyed reflected on the scoreboard.

The rain and the sentence
Everything was relaxed in the game after passing through the dressing room, from the pressure from Eibar to the flow of chances of a Madrid that maintained the dominance of the game, so much as to have sentenced before the last 20 minutes, in which Eibar gave a step forward in search of a tie, vital to his chances of permanence, which he almost found in a loan that Courtois took over the line of his goal in the middle of a downpour of biblical proportions.

With Eibar in desperation, the whites added their third annulled goal of the afternoon, by another clear offside and in the next play, at last, Madrid sentenced with a goal from Benzema after a meritorious move by Vinicius.

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