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Fernando Alonso Takes Key Step For A Great Revolution Of 2022

ByPeter Barzilai

Apr 4, 2021

Fernando Alonso takes a key step for one of the great revolutions of 2022: “We are in an encouraging stage”.

Fernando Alonso and Alpine want to be ready as soon as possible for the vital 2022 Formula 1 season, in which 13-inch tires will be replaced by 18-inch ones . The Spaniard was in charge of the third day of tests in Bahrain and took a real beating: 144 laps .

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon are already working with the revolutionary tires of 2022

Alonso rode behind the wheel of the RS18, the same car (literal: it is the same unit) that he used already in tests in November to adapt to his return to competition. This ‘mule’ was the same one that his partner Esteban Ocon used on the previous day (he did 100 laps ), in which Alpine took over from Ferrari in these tests.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz rode on Tuesday , also with an old car, although for them the 18-inch Pirelli were not new as they were tested in Jerez during the preseason.

The general feeling after these days is of satisfaction . Pirelli needs the help of the drivers and teams to get ‘feedback’ and avoid being accused, as with current compounds, of making tires that do not suit their needs.

In addition, for the team technicians it is also essential that they be allowed to roll with these new wheels , whose behavior will be quite different from the current ones due to the increased size of the rim.

The Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso.
Flavio Briatore reveals a conversation with Fernando Alonso after his retirement on his return to Formula 1

“It was a great day of testing in Bahrain,” Alonso stressed at the end of the day. “The new tires already feel good. We are in an encouraging stage of development. Hopefully with all the laps we did today we can help Pirelli develop and understand the 18-inch tires even better. It was a day well executed by the team. and Pirelli got useful information, “he said.

Alonso will test the 18-inch tires again after the Spanish GP in Barcelona, ​​on the third day scheduled for Alpine in these tests that will be carried out by almost all the teams throughout the year.

Peter Barzilai

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