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Electric vehicle discounts for low-income families in Oregon have been doubled

ByRoman Frąckiewicz

Jan 13, 2022

Low- as well as moderate-income households in Oregon, can now receive up to $7,500 in cash refunds when they purchase new or used electric cars. One of the state’s clean vehicle rebates was just increased, making it one of the country’s highest electric vehicle incentives.

The Charge Ahead Rebate program of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality applies to households with incomes ranging from $51,000 to $251,000, depending on the number of individuals living together. After acquiring or leasing a new or old battery-electric or even plug-in hybrid vehicle, those households may be eligible for up to $5,000 in rebates, up from $2,500 last year.

According to DEQ Senior Air Quality Advisor Rachel Sakata, it’s one of 3 rebate programs in the country that allows residents to earn money back for buying a used electric vehicle. “We like to think of ourselves as one of the greatest rebate programs in the country,” she added, “because we provide a broad array of options for consumers to earn this rebate.” “We understand that not everyone can afford a new electric vehicle.” The administration also changed the income eligibility requirements so that more people can take advantage of the cash rebates.

The Clean Vehicle Rebate Program in Oregon was created to encourage residents to buy or lease zero-emission automobiles, thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions across the state. According to a state study from 2020, the transportation industry accounted for 40% of the state’s total greenhouse gas emissions, putting it the single greatest contributor.

Oregonians can now qualify for the Standard Rebate Program, which gives up to $2,500 back to anyone who buys a new battery-electric car or a plug-in hybrid that costs less than $50,000. Those who register for the charge upfront rebate may also apply for the normal rebate, which could result in a refund of up to $7,500, according to Sakata.

Sakata expressed the hope that the rebates will assist lower the state’s greenhouse gas emissions throughout time as more people switch to electric vehicles. Electric car purchasers in Oregon must apply for incentives within six months after purchase. They must also show proof of residence in Oregon and maintain their Oregon automobile registration for a period of two years. They are going to have to return part of the rebate money if they decide to sell their electric vehicle before the two years is through.

“We want to make sure that the refund we’re offering you is for a vehicle that’s being utilized in Oregon so that we can see the advantages of these vehicles’ lower emissions,” Sakata said. The state has handed out over $41 million in clean vehicle incentives since the program began in 2018. Governor Kate Brown of Oregon has set an objective of having at least 250,000 electric vehicles registered in the state by the year 2025. There are around 42,000 people thus far.

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