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Verstappen Completes A Memorable Double In Austria Before 132000 Fans

BySam Brad

Jul 4, 2021

Max Verstappen completed a perfect weekend at the Austrian GP . From start to finish, the Dutchman thrilled the more than 132,000 spectators who watched the race on the circuit live.

Fernando Alonso explodes against Vettel, who destroyed the classification of the Austrian GP: “What the he … he is doing!”
After him came Valtteri Bottas , who claims a bit after a very bad start to the World Championship, and Lando Norris , who was the driver of the day with a third place that could have been something more if he had not been sanctioned for an action in the first round with Sergio Pérez .

For the Spanish it was a better day than it was on Saturday. Carlos Sainz , with a good strategy as he spent the previous weekend here, finished 5th with a good final attack. Fernando Alonso also improved his grid position, although after Saturday only cuts part of what he felt. He finished 10th and left George Russell out of the points .

Security car at the exit
If those at the top had no problems leaving, there were problems behind. While Max Verstappen and Lando Norris escaped, behind both Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz lost a few positions, until they fell outside the points zone. His strategy was designed for the final stretch of the race, with resources for the Asturian and hard for the Madrid.

But the biggest incident was Esteban Ocon . The Alpine Frenchman got stuck between two cars, an Alfa Romeo and a Haas, and at the touchdown one of the wheels broke. Exit of the mandatory safety car and KO for Alonso’s teammate as soon as he started.

At the restart, ‘Checo’ Pérez was innocent trying to overtake Norris outside the curve, but he ended up on the ground and discarded himself for the fight at the top. This incident gave wings to a Lewis Hamilton that began to chase the McLaren in pursuit of second place, while Verstappen escaped.

On lap 21, just after Norris was warned that this action with Pérez that he had suffered 5 seconds of punishment , Hamilton pressed and snatched second position, but praised the work of the promising McLaren driver: “What a great driver it’s Lando . ”

Sainz plays the strategy card
Given that the pace of the race was not going to be able to, Carlos Sainz opted to try the points with strategy as happened last Sunday. The Madrid native was the last to make a stop to mount medium tires (he started on hard ones), which allowed him to reach the final stretch of the race in eighth place while his teammate Charles Leclerc ran into an unexpected enemy: ‘Checo’ Pérez.

The Mexican, a victim of Norris a few laps earlier, ended up doing the same not once but twice on Leclerc. And as happened to Norris, Pérez was also punished.

Meanwhile, from behind, Fernando Alonso was scratching George Russell tenth by tenth for precisely the tenth place. The one of Williams, top favorite to be Hamilton’s teammate in Mercedes in 2022, defended that position tooth and nail, given it was his best result with the British team. It wasn’t until three laps to go that the Alpine rider took the youngster off his back, and after a memorable battle, he was confirmed in 10th place.

Sainz, 5th for pure character
Meanwhile, Ferrari threw team orders to benefit Sainz, who was coming much faster than Leclerc, thus he settled in 7th place … but he was not satisfied: on the last lap he passed Daniel Ricciardo , aware that ‘Checo’ was going to drop 10 positions.

And so it happened: as soon as he passed his ex-Renault teammate and McLaren substitute, he slipped into the less than 10-second zone to finish a good 5th place finish.

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