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Mourinho Apologizes For Incident Of The Finger In Tito Eye 10 Years Later

BySam Brad

Jul 4, 2021

Mourinho apologizes for the incident of the finger in the eye of Tito Vilanova ten years later: “I was the one who failed”. The new Roma coach has expressed his regret in a book on communication. Ryanair, to Mourinho with trips to Rome: “As he has not won titles, hand luggage will suffice”.

August 17, 2011 . Real Madrid and FC Barcelona face each other in the return of the Spanish Super Cup and the Catalans lift the title. The tension of the two duels, the rivalry pushed to the limit at that time and the white coach’s desire to provoke ended with an image that has gone down in the annals of the history of the Classics: José Mourinho sticking his finger in Tito’s eye Vilanova , Pep Guardiola’s second coach at the time , under the gaze of Francesc Satorra, who from that moment was dubbed ‘ The Observer ‘.

Ten years later, without Tito Vilanova (he died in 2014), Mourinho has expressed his deep regret for that event, which marked him forever and earned him the eternal enmity of Barcelona (among other things). The new coach of Roma has done it in a book that deals with football from a tangential point of view, since it is actually a communication treatise.

In Roma they already know what the ‘Mourinho impact’ is: the team’s stock market shares rise 21%
‘Stay crazy and hungry’, by the Portuguese writer Joao Gabriel , has the participation of several personalities, among which is his good friend Mourinho. According to ‘Marca’, in its pages it recalls what happened with Vilanova.

“I was the one who failed, I shouldn’t have done what I did. Of course not, the negative image stays forever. Tito had nothing to do with it. I feel sorry for him,” admits Mourinho, although he partially justifies his action in the attitude of the Barcelona fans: “Barcelona was good at playing, but better at conditioning the rival and manipulating decisions and perceptions.”

Joao Gabriel, a good friend of Mourinho, describes him in the book as a totally different person when he is outside his work environment. “Outside of football he is affable, serene, even sometimes shy , but everything changes when he gets to the stadium or the press room,” he says.

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