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Ibai Llanos Discusses Sports Journalism With Juanma Castaño

BySam Brad

Aug 13, 2021

Ibai Llanos , the ‘streamer’ in fashion in Spain , was during this week at the Parque de los Príncipes to see Messi’s presentation with PSG and chat for a few minutes with him in front of his endless audience.

Thanks to his friendship with ‘Kun’ Agüero , the Basque had already attended the farewell dinner that Messi organized with his close friend Luis Suárez and the ‘sacred cows’ of Barcelona at his home in Castelldefels. Therefore, Ibai took advantage of the evening to arrange the interview with the Argentine, which took place in the dressing room tunnel of the Paris stadium .

The presence of Ibai in the Parisian welcome to Messi was not so well received by some members of the Spanish media. On Twitter began to appear complaints and criticisms of the sports media, which call for a profound renewal already applied the world of the ‘streaming’.

With all the controversy on, the presenter of ‘ El Partidazo de la Cope ‘, Juanma Castaño , showed his disagreement with the matter, indicating that he did not understand anything about what had happened. Nobody could explain how Ibai , who began commenting on video games, could be one of the few Spaniards accredited to have the Argentine star on the microphones.

Then he wanted to qualify his tweet : “To say that I don’t understand it is not to judge anything. It is rather to show my ignorance about everything related to new platforms. It escapes me. I also do not understand modern art and its value is enormous. And many more things. Ibai does what he has to do, “said Castaño , although it was too late to turn off the great discussion that took place on the networks.

To settle an issue that has greatly concerned Juanma Castaño , the radio presenter wanted to be in front of the 160,000 viewers of Ibai , who witnessed the rising tones of a recurring debate. Of course, without any lack of respect between the two interlocutors:

“I swear to God that in my life I have cracked from you, from what you do. I have cracked from where we are, not from what you do. That is very clear. You are not to blame, you are doing it as a fucking mother, ” Castaño began in a conciliatory tone. “Because Ibai has Messi does not mean that our year of work has been shit, or that sports journalism is shit,” he reaffirmed after the comments that were appearing on Twitter .

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To which Ibai replied: “Maybe your problem is ignorance. Your lack of understanding is what I’m doing there, that’s what you don’t understand ”. Meanwhile, the Cope presenter continued to apologize for his rejection of the new platforms and the ‘streamer’ clearly summarized:

” There are sports journalists who think that I have come to take their jobs , that I have come to touch their balls. Of course that It’s not my intention, but if I get these kinds of opportunities, like being with Messi , I’m not going to turn them down. ”

There was Siro López , journalist and streamer, who moderated the discussion between the protagonists: “What I think is that Juanma was criticizing the PSG press management , because there were no Spanish communicators who had those minutes with Messi as they did. Ibai had . That I think was the focus of Castaño’s criticism, “he said defending his partner.

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A face to face that was not lost even Piqué , who was tweeting during the night and announced the creation of his own Twitch channel . To end the mini brawl, the number 1 of Twitch in our country wanted to launch a reflection: “There has been part of sports journalism that has attacked my work, without knowing, just because it makes him angry that things are achieved that he could not. ”

“Why don’t they understand what they do? And they have been reputed people! Treating what I do with that condescension, people don’t like it. You have to be interested in understanding, not in discrediting, ” Ibai remarked , which ended up accepting Castaño’s point of view and closed a debate that, from the viewer’s sensation, gave much more.

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