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Walker Marc Tur Speaks Openly Of His Homosexuality

BySam Brad

Aug 13, 2021

The walker Marc Tur, an Olympian in Tokyo, speaks openly of his homosexuality: “Every granite counts”. The ‘chocolate medal’ of the 50km march at the Games stands as a loudspeaker for the LGTBI movement.

Marc Tur loses the bronze of the 50 km march in Tokyo 2020 in the last 100 meters: “In the last section I saw double”. From Fashanu to Nassib: homosexuality in sport and its progressive normalization.

Marc Tur, a Spanish walker who finished fourth in the 50km of the Tokyo Olympic Games , has spoken openly about his homosexuality on social networks, launching a very important message to advance visibility within the world of sport.

” I am openly gay, nor am I one of the first homosexual Olympians to recognize it , nor do I hope to be one of the last by giving more visibility to the collective. They helped me to break with my insecurities, my fears and taught me to fight for what I want regardless of the rest, “wrote the athlete on his Twitter account.

“Believe it or not, I have transformed those negative feelings that I could have in their day into something to fight for and it helps me to get all my strength when I am competing. In a world in which there is still much to do, each granite counts “, concludes Tur, who hopes to contribute with his message that many and many who perhaps are living in the shade, take the step of coming out of the closet.

It is not the first time that Tur speaks freely about his sexual orientation, he already did it before heading to Tokyo 2020 , where he brushed the bronze medal

On June 28, on the occasion of pride, he wrote on his Instagram account a series of demands that have yet to be achieved and for which it makes sense to celebrate pride.

Tur thus joins other Spanish athletes who spoke openly about their sexual orientation, such as the water polo player Víctor Gutiérrez, the skater Javier Raya or the rider Kike Sarasola, the first elite athlete to declare his homosexuality in Spain.

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