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A Man Dies After Spending 8 Years In A Hospital Despite Being Discharged

BySam Brad

Aug 28, 2021

The Sant Hospital de La Seu d’Urgell Foundation, a privately owned health center arranged by the Generalitat, has confirmed the death of a patient whom it had taken to court for refusing to leave the medical center after having been admitted for eight years and counting with the mandatory medical discharge.

The man, AMC, 79 years old and a neighbor of Peramola (Alt Urgell), died in mid-July as a result of pneumonia, the newspaper ‘Segre’ reported this Saturday. The medical center has already warned that it will claim the debt that the deceased leaves pending and that it estimates between 25,000 and 30,000 euros .

AMC was admitted to the center about eight years ago suffering from a vascular disease associated with diabetes that led to the amputation of both legs. Despite having been discharged some time later, the man refused to leave his hospital post or to enter any of the care options offered to him from the hospital, alleging financial reasons, and also that his children’s homes were not he had a suitable place to live. His degree of dependence, according to the Lleida newspaper, allowed him to stay in La Seu d’Urgell hospital.

“Until the police force me”
At the beginning of 2020, the board of trustees that manages the health center began a judicial process to enforce compliance with the medical discharge . The argument for this process was that he was occupying a space for patients who needed to convalesce.

Although the judge agreed with the hospital, the patient, who announced that he would appeal the sentence, then affirmed: “I will stay in my room until the justice or the police force me to leave .” He died last July waiting for a public defender to be assigned to him.

Sources from the health center have also explained that the family now refuses to pay the bill for the services provided during the years in which the man remained in the center. In the last year of life, AMC did agree to occupy a social health position in the same hospital compound, which was paid. The managers of the center are awaiting the response they receive from the Servei Català de la Salut (CatSalut) and the Department of Drets Socials “to see how they manage the debt.”

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