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Fifty VET Students Will Do Internships At Iberia Mantenimiento

BySam Brad

Sep 23, 2021

The Iberia airline has received a new class of 52 Vocational Training students at its maintenance facilities to carry out their internships at the workplace for three months.

These students come from the Barajas and Raúl Vázquez Secondary Education Institutes, the two public centers in Madrid that provide professional training in the branches of avionics and aeromechanics , and with which Iberia maintains a close relationship.

In fact, this morning Iberia has donated to the Barajas Secondary Education Institute an engine of the Trent 500 model from the Airbus A340 / 600 that it has withdrawn during the pandemic.

This donation is part of an Iberia project to give a second use to the engines of its Airbus A340s, and which includes different initiatives with universities and educational centers.

At IES Barajas this engine will serve for the learning and practice of young people who study at this center, and where professionals of the future of avionics and aeromechanics have been preparing for more than 60 years.

Dual Vocational Training
In addition, Iberia has developed a Dual Training program with IES Barajas and IES Raúl Vázquez since 2011 , which includes six months of internships in Iberia Mantenimiento’s workshops and hangars . The last class of 2019 was of 40 students, of which 19 were hired by Iberia .

Iberia’s participation in these vocational training programs together with the Community of Madrid, schools and universities aims to adapt the training to the real needs of the aeronautical sector, facilitating the incorporation of new generations into the world of work. In fact, several Iberia Mantenimiento employees teach classes at these training centers.

All these courses are held at the Iberia Mantenimiento Instruction Center, which, each year, provides more than 200,000 hours of training to its own employees, to external students from these Vocational Training centers, from other airlines such as Qatar Airways and aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus.

The Maintenance Training Center is approved by EASA to offer a wide range of courses aimed at obtaining qualification in fleet certification licenses such as A350 XWB (B1 / B2), A330 (B1 / B2 / C) and A320 ceo / neo, the CFM56, V2500, PW1100 and LEAP engines; in addition to refresher courses to maintain the qualification.

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