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Anal PCR Perreo And Even Heart Attack In The Craziest Party Of Ibai Llanos

BySam Brad

Feb 24, 2021

Anal PCR, alcohol, perreo and even a ‘heart attack’ in the craziest party of Ibai Llanos: “I apologize for the image given”.

Controversial images of the ‘streamer’ with some friends at home that have caused some criticism.

This Saturday, Ibai Llanos met with some of his friends and organized a party in his own house that is giving a lot to talk about, since it has generated many criticisms of the famous streamer .

The content creator set up a real private disco in his home and the party was not missing a single detail.

As he posted on social networks, Llanos gave his followers long teeth with images of a DJ, a lot of music – they had a great time – and, as he himself explained, some alcohol . Perhaps that explains the lag at times, since there was even a ‘heart attack’ and the possibility of performing anal PCR on the guests was considered . ”

Drink alcohol with benefit . This is a serious issue. We do not want these things to happen,” Llano wrote about it on his Instagram, where he posted a part of the event.

Also, he apologized for what was happening. “I apologize for the image given today,” claimed the streamer .

Indeed, the youtuber was cured in health because, although the party had all the anticovid security measures , the image offered is not the ideal one in the middle of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in our country.

And that is what some of his followers have told him, who regret that he has carried out this act . “I appreciate you, but this image when we are in the middle of a pandemic and we cannot make plans of this type , not only demotivates more, but encourages people to skip the restrictions out of sheer exhaustion … I don’t want to sound hater but you should set an example . Greetings “wrote one.

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