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Renato Culture Teaching in Public Schools Vision

BySam Brad

Nov 27, 2021

The population and governments usually mobilize during disasters and do little to prevent it After the moment of tragedy the governments agenda is forgotten even by society But it is in the normality that we have to develop the processes We need a state structure that acts strategically Today the vision is reactive of tactical confrontation argues the UN consultant

The most suitable areas of action are mapping the areas carrying out preventive works retaining wall for example avoiding new occupations or building houses according to the region stilts in flooded areas and implementing warning systems to prevent damage materials and victims

At the last UN World Conference on Disaster Reduction held in 2015 in Japan four coping strategies were established understanding risks in all dimensions strengthening risk governance investing public and private resources in prevention and improving preparedness posttragedy rehabilitation and reconstruction

The first three concern attitudes prior to the disaster Brazil still has a long way to go The moment when society most needs scientific knowledge information is in tragedy because it generates a lot of fear explains the geologist

Renato Lima defends that the culture of resilience is taught in public schools People are prepared to act in dangerous situations such as floods landslides and even tornadoes We had a bomb cyclone in the south It is a key tool and in this many municipalities fall short as well as in urban planning which has been left aside

As the work to be done is extensive more teams are needed in action It is important that the federal and state government train professionals Smaller municipalities in general are not in a position to do so says Renato.

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