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An Elephant Kills A Worker In The Cabárceno Nature Park

BySam Brad

Feb 23, 2021

A worker in the enclosure of the elephants of the cabarceno natural park, Cantabria , died the morning of Tuesday after being hit by the Eustachian an elephant , when he was in the outer courtyard of the facility with the animal.

As reported by the Government of Cantabria, it is Joaquín Gutiérrez Arnáiz, 44, who was in the intermediate security corridor that serves for the elephants to enter and exit in an orderly manner.

The worker was hit by the animal’s trunk, a female who was at that time with her baby in one of the large yards, and when she fell, she hit the bars of the enclosure.

The employee, who has been able to get out on his own foot after being hit, has been seen by other colleagues who have quickly called 112. Although an attempt has been made to revive him in the park , he was taken by ambulance to the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, where he died at 11.15 am.

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The incident occurred around 08:30 am on Tuesday when the daily tasks of cleaning the enclosures and releasing animals outside began and, according to the same sources, all the personnel of the Cabárceno Nature Park are in “shock “with what happened.

Members of the Civil Guard and Judicial Police have also been transferred to the park to initiate an investigation that can clarify the causes of the accident.

The Minister of Tourism, Javier López Marcano, has moved to the Valdecilla hospital as soon as he learned of the event together with the director of Cantur, Bernardo Colsa, and the director of the park, Beatriz Sainz.

“We are deeply dismayed,” said López Marcano, who has assured that Cabárceno loses a person “very loved” by his colleagues and a worker dedicated to his work as a caregiver for almost two decades.

The counselor has personally conveyed his condolences to the family and has affirmed that all those responsible and employees of Cantur add themselves “to the pain caused by an irreparable loss of a person so young and loved by all , an always willing employee and lover of elephants. and his work. ”

López Marcano has announced that tomorrow, Wednesday, at 12.30 pm, a tribute will be paid to him in the Cabárceno Nature Park next to the giraffe enclosure.

Gutiérrez Arnáiz began his work in Cabárceno in 2002 and in these 19 years he had acquired extensive experience in the management and care of elephants , being one of the most veteran in this area.

This is the first fatal accident to occur in the Cabárceno Nature Park in its 30-year history, the regional government said in a statement.

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Largest installation of elephants
The Cantabrian installation currently has 20 elephants in its facilities, of which three are adult males, two young males, 10 adult females and five sub-adult specimens (three females and two males).

The elephant family lives in one of the largest facilities in captivity in the world, it has 25 hectares and is made up of a large natural space, in which there is also a stable of more than 1,000 square meters and a pool with capacity for more than five million liters of water.

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