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Incidents In Bilbao Due To Agglomeration Of Athlétic Fans

ByPeter Barzilai

Apr 4, 2021

Thousands of young people have concentrated this afternoon in Pozas, as the bar area of ​​Licenciado Poza street, in Bilbao is known, waiting for the final between Athletic and Real to begin, where there have been incidents and police charges for dissolve them.

Between continuous chants in favor of Athletic, scarves and flags, after lunchtime the crowd barely left free passage on the street, where a lot of safety distance was not respected and it was impossible to know if the groups are of four people as dictated by the normative.

Thousands of fans say goodbye to Real Sociedad before the Cup final without keeping any distance

The Ertzaintza has deployed riot control in the area and has carried out some charges after being received with the launching of bottles against the agents. Fans have also crossed several containers and have burned some containers.

A young woman has had to be transferred to a hospital after receiving a bottle. After half an hour of tension, around six thirty the charges stopped, although hundreds of young people remained in the same place. After eight thirty in the afternoon, the area remained “quiet.”

The Ertzaintza has opened investigation procedures for public disorders to try to identify the perpetrators of the altercations. There have been no arrests, although there have been several identifications of people who have been sanctioned for breaching the rules against covid and some fines have been imposed, as confirmed by the Security Department.

The Municipal Police of Bilbao has requested citizen collaboration to identify the perpetrators of the “acts of vandalism”. Through social networks, he has asked people who have videos, photographs or information on the incidents to contact, by private message, on Twitter and Facebook.

The Ertzaintza and the local police have asked the fans of Athletic de Bilbao and the Real Sociedad de San Sebastián not to go to receive their teams at the airport and have announced that they will restrict the access of people and vehicles to the airports, as well as to the Lezama and Zubieta stadiums on the occasion of the return of the squads. The aim of this device is to avoid crowds of people in breach of current health regulations.

Previous incidents
In San Sebastián there were also agglomerations in the Old Town, with Juan de Bilbao street crowded and many people “potando” with Real Sociedad shirts, songs and flags, but without incidents or notorious presence of the Ertzaintza.

Last Thursday incidents were already registered in San Sebastián when thousands of fans approached the Zubieta field to say goodbye to Real Sociedad on their departure to Seville to play this Saturday against Athletic Bilbao in the final of the Copa del Rey . And hours before the same thing happened in the surroundings of the Lezama stadium, in Bilbao.

Convictions from all areas
The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has criticized “the degrading behavior” that before the final of the Copa del Rey is “being seen by sectors of young people mostly” in the streets of Bilbao and San Sebastián.

In a comment on a social network, the Lehendakari assures that “thinking about the suffering suffered as a result of the pandemic, neither as a sports fan, nor as a Basque citizen, words come to me in the face of signs of incivility, lack of solidarity, irresponsibility, to which we already came and are attending “.

Urkullu is “hurt, too, by the lack of honest feeling towards the lyrics of the Athletic Club and Real Sociedad anthems by all the people who, attacking public health and against whom, like the Ertzaintza, only intend to maintain a order in the fulfillment of the measures for the common benefit, they despise the greatness that should be exposed as a differential fact “.

The mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, has described as “madmen” the people who this afternoon have caused the incidents in the capital of Biscay and has asked “a bit of sanity.” “Some madmen mounting incidents before the final.

And the families that today suffer from Covid or not being able to enjoy this historic day?” Aburto has told those responsible for the incidents that they do not represent “the values ​​of Athletic or of the city.” “Please, a little sanity and let us enjoy in peace,” he added.

Peter Barzilai

Peter Barzilai is a high school pitcher and college rower turned longtime World News journalist. Peter has also written for Buzz Feed and Huffington Post and many other major publications, Peter Loves everything about sports and loves to write on trending topics and he is ClevelandSportsZone member since 2017.

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