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MotoGP Riders Are Already Thinking About Reaching 400 Km / h

ByRon Wills

Apr 4, 2021

MotoGP riders are already thinking about reaching 400 km / h: “We can overcome it, but it doesn’t have much merit”.

The technical evolution of MotoGP motorcycles is allowing barriers to be broken every year, both in lap times and especially at top speeds. Limits that seemed unattainable not so long ago have been exceeded and they are even considering going beyond marks that not even for Formula 1 are within reach today.

During the Qatar GP practice, Johann Zarco surpassed the 360 ​​km / h mark to put his Ducati Desmosedici GP21 at 362.4 km / h , the highest speed measured in a MotoGP on an official competition weekend.

The Borgo Panigale factory has been at the fore in the fight to make powerful engines for a few years, although that has not translated into titles since 2007 with Casey Stoner , but some already place them as the great candidates to reach the next frontier: overcome the 400 m / h .

“The motorcycle can reach 400 km / h. You only need a straight to achieve it,” admits Jorge Martín , Zarco’s teammate in the Pramac team, who gives Kenan Sofuoglu , a former Superbike rider, as an example , who reached that figure a Kawasaki Ninja H2R as standard. “He set a record with those speeds, but in the end it is only in a straight line and that is of no use to you or has much merit . It is clear that if they continue to increase the power in the end we will achieve it in a speed circuit”, highlighted the Spanish pilot , newcomer to the top flight.

400 km / h have already been reached in test
400 km / h is not an unattainable figure … because it has already been reached. At least in private tests, says Italian Michele Pirro , a Ducati tester.

“They are speeds that had already been taken in some private tests,” he confessed in La Gazzetta dello Sport, but warns that reaching these limits can be a problem when driving.

“When you go so fast on the straight it’s great, if you get to 370 km / h we, the drivers, would be happy. But the curve comes before, and the force needed to brake and turn changes. You need reflexes and be used to it.” , he warns.

These records are achieved above all because it is not only working on engines, but much more. “That we can now reach these limits is due to the work done on the entire package, both in the aerodynamics that allow you not to fly away, as in the electronics and the chassis “, presumes Pirro.

Ron Wills

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